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MEDIBIN™ System is a high quality, chrome finished, wire bin system with backing panels. Wire construction removes the risk of dust accumulation, and looped wire on the bins eliminates sharp edges, giving a smooth feel and finish, eliminating the risk of cuts, scratches and product damage.

Clip-on labeling is provided for stock identification in a choice of 13 vibrant colors. Dividers are also available on request. MEDIBIN™ is a registered design and is available only through SpaceLogic.

sterirack medibin mobile trolley
sterirack medibin mobile trolley

Hanging Wire Bins

MEDIBIN System is a cost effective, robust, user friendly, aesthetically appealing must-have for all medical consumables storage facilities.

Backing Panels

MEDIPANEL is attached to a wall to accommodate MEDIBINS, or is used in the construction of trolleys. Available in a range of sizes to suit different spaces.

MEDIBIN™ Trolleys
Emergency Response PPE

MEDIBIN Trolleys can be used as Emergency Response PPE Carts and for a variety of other uses. Choose from our existing range or custom build.

Colored Label Holders​

Improve the efficiency of your ward and implement best practice search and retrieval protocols using STERIRACK® Click ‘n’ Clip Colored Label Holders.

VIDEO - Use MEDIBINS™ instead of non-compliant plastic bins

Questions to ask yourself

Does your current storage:
Does your current system:
And does your current system:
If you said ‘No’ to any of these questions your current storage system may be out-of-date or non-compliant,
and STERIRACK® System is likely the perfect solution for you.
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