STERIRACK® Mobile Workstations

The versatile and sterile solution for hospital anesthetic bays

These units offer a sterile environment for frequently used consumables, ensuring flexibility in movement and easy cleaning within the vicinity. Not only do they promote airflow, but they also eradicate the need for outdated timber joinery units that tend to trap dust and grime, proving unsuitable for this specific application.

Each unit comes with distinct colored post strips and label holders tailored for individual rooms, in your choice of 13 vibrant colors. Custom-designed workstations can feature an array of basket sizes to suit, and can be equipped with drop-in bins or dividers for enhanced efficiency.

These baskets seamlessly integrate with accompanying STERIRACK® Trolleys, eliminating the need for double handling when transferring consumables from workstation to trolley.

Join Martin Scott in the video below, as he demonstrates a batch of STERIRACK® Mobile Workstations that were custom-made for Bankstown Hospital, to work in their anesthetic bays outside each theater.

VIDEO - STERIRACK® Mobile Workstations

STERIRACK® Click 'n' Clip Label Holders and Post Strips

sterirack click n clip coloured label holders
sterirack click n clip coloured label holders

Label Holders and Post Strips in a range of 13 vibrant colors​​​

sterirack click n clip coloured label holders
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