Choose a configuration of baskets and shelving to suit your application.

STERIRACK® System is a range of high quality components and accessories that mix and match to create tailored storage solutions for hospitals and healthcare facilities. As the most popular clinical space management solution in the world today, STERIRACK® has been designed and developed to meet the needs of healthcare professionals, using feedback from our valued clients.

Standard Mesh Baskets

Wire mesh baskets and shelves allow foreign objects, dust and packaging to fall through to the floor. Improve compliance with Australian Standard AS4187 for Infection Control.

Fine Mesh Baskets

Fine mesh baskets and shelves are extendable and don’t sag, giving easy access and 100% visibility. For the ultimate in efficiency, infection control and cost savings.

Catheter Baskets

Safe and secure storage. Designed to clip onto the end frames of STERIRACK® static and mobile racks. A necessary accessory for STERIRACK® Theater Setup Trolley solutions.

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