sterirack step shelf

STERIRACK® Step Shelves

Description Chrome Stainless Dimensions (mm) Dimensions (inches)
Step Shelf
400W x 600D
15 3/4" W x 23 5/8" D
flat and step shelves

Introduce step shelves to increase capacity by 33%!

By utilizing a combination of flat and step shelves you can increase your storage capacity by 33%, and meet infection control standards by having one sterile pack per shelf. The flat shelf option on the left (pictured above) holds 12 trays per bay giving a total of 48 trays. By incorporating step shelves in the same four bay configuration you can achieve 16 trays per bay (as seen on the right of the image), increasing the total capacity to 64. In the same valuable floor space you are carrying another 16 trays! These trays are 100% accessible 100% of the time. Eliminate the WHS risk that comes with heavy mobile compactus style units. Meet best practice and infection control guidelines by using STERIRACK® with flat and step shelves for storage of sterile packs.
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