What is STERIRACK® System by SpaceLogic?

STERIRACK® System is a range of high quality components and accessories that mix and match to create tailored storage solutions for hospitals and healthcare facilities. As the most popular clinical space management solution in the world today, STERIRACK® has been designed and developed to meet the needs of healthcare professionals, using feedback from our valued clients.

These components are used to create storeroom installations, workstations, benches, trolleys, carts and other products, creating a fully integrated range.

Racking is modular and is available in a variety of heights and depths, and can be joined together in any length. Once set up, the racking can be configured with any arrangement of baskets, shelves and/or pharmacy drawers, as well as other components such as catheter hooks or crutcher racks.

This configuration can be changed at any time. Accessories include basket drop-in bins and dividers, label holders, bay and aisle signs, and many others. Benches and workstations are fitted with anti-microbial Staron benchtops.

STERIRACK® System includes a range of Medical Trolleys that fully integrate, sharing the same baskets, shelving and other accessories used in STERIRACK® room installations or stand-alone modules, benches and workstations.

For the ultimate in efficiency, best practice and infection control you simply can’t go past STERIRACK®, the revolutionary, fully integrated healthcare storage system. Put simply, our flagship STERIRACK® System is a game changer, worldwide.

For the ultimate in efficiency, infection control and cost savings you simply can’t go past STERIRACK® System, SpaceLogic’s revolutionary, fully integrated healthcare storage solution.
  • Space saving – Provides up to 50% more storage capacity.
  • Time saving – Stock retrieval is fast using colored label holders. Color coded stock is clearly marked and memorized, and can be located quickly and logically.
  • Less wastage – Old stock is not lost behind new stock. Excessive or old stock is minimized, creating impressive cost savings for the facility.
  • Improved handling of stock – Mesh baskets and shelves are extendable and don’t sag, giving easy access and 100% visibility. Sloping upper baskets put less strain on the body.
  • Improved cleaning – Wire mesh baskets and shelves allow foreign objects, dust and packaging to fall through to the floor. Improve compliance with Australian Standard AS4187 for Infection Control.
  • Wide range of accessories – Accessories include standard and fine mesh baskets, a range of shelves, and drop in bins and dividers to name a few.
  • Wide range of Medical Trolleys and Carts – Clinical, theater and PPE trolleys are available in a huge range of sizes and configurations, as well as a range of mobile and enclosed carts. Have your trolleys and carts customized to suit your exact needs.

Questions to ask yourself

Does your current storage:
Does your current system:
And does your current system:
If you said ‘No’ to any of these questions your current storage system may be out-of-date or non-compliant,
and STERIRACK® System is likely the perfect solution for you.

Project Consultation

Each client receives a tailored storage solution that maximizes storage capacity within the available space, and suits its application. All stakeholder needs are incorporated in the design and planning of a new STERIRACK® System installation.

Product Innovation

We specialize in custom storage solutions for healthcare, and our STERIRACK® and MEDIBIN™ ranges are exclusive to SpaceLogic. Liaise with our designers to have custom components and accessories created to meet your specific needs.​

Specialist Installation

Our expert installation team specializes in fast, no-fuss storage installations with minimal interruptions to everyday operations or other trades. Our team travels nationally and internationally, or project manages local installers.

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