STERIRACK® Accessories

STERIRACK® System is a range of high quality components and accessories that mix and match to create tailored storage solutions for hospitals and healthcare facilities. As the most popular clinical space management solution in the world today, STERIRACK® has been designed and developed to meet the needs of healthcare professionals, using feedback from our valued clients.

STERIRACK® Basket Dividers

Basket Dividers and Drop-in Bins are the ideal way to compartmentalize baskets for smaller items, and create organization and efficiency. Available in four sizes.

Basket Drop-in Bins

Create an efficient, compartmentalized storage solution for smaller consumables in clinical trolleys, storage rooms, workstations and benches.

STERIRACK® Shelf Dividers

Simply clip these wire shelf dividers into their matching wire shelf to divide the shelf into narrow compartments. Allow a greater amount of stock to be stored vertically.

STERIRACK® Shelf Ledges for Wire Shelving

Provide a secure boundary, keep items in place. Open wire design allows for greater visibility of goods. Made using quality steel wire with premium chromium plating.

Orthopedics Storage with Crutcher Racks

Perfect for crutches, frames, CAMBoots and all those awkward items that typically create a frustrating mess in your storage room.

STERIRACK® Catheter Racks

Customize your STERIRACK® System with accessories and create further efficiencies and a better experience for your staff. Catheter Racks can be included where applicable.

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