New Spacelogic Manufacturing Hub is up and running – supporting Australian manufacturing

Spacelogic is a leading supplier of storage solutions for healthcare and has built its reputation on offering fast, nimble solutions. They supply a range of premium quality products that can be purchased in a standard range or tailored to meet their clients’ needs.

Managing Director Lloyd Scott recently made the decision to install a manufacturing hub at their Orange NSW head office to bolster employment opportunities for Australians and support a growing movement toward manufacturing once again.

Lloyd believes Australia needs a new manufacturing industry, using innovation to create the kind of solutions that replace mass-produced products. He wants Australia to compete globally on value rather than cost. And he believes customization is the key to providing that value.

The organization has worked double time to get the hub off the ground, and amazingly have product coming off the line already.

Spacelogic is looking for your support and is asking all Australians to support Australian manufacturers as a matter of national pride.

Join the movement today.

Find out more about the experts in tailored space management solutions for healthcare, here at, or call 1800 633 728.

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